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in my office, from 2000 Business Review articleTurtle & Tigger
Turtle & baby Ethan

Turtle is a... creator, thinker, artist, learner, geek, big sister, entrepreneur, debater, giggler, wannabe musician, experimenter, gardener, tease, analyst, dreamer, loner, planner, weekend road warrior, cat napper, miracle worker, snuggler, teacher, fairy goddess, motor mouth, idealist, teacher, Rob Parzek's sister, country mouse, bookworm, people watcher, instigator, writer, girlfriend, spontaneous party planner, daughter, believer, night owl, decorator, geneaologist, aunt to Ethan, Joe and Annalise, city mouse, mischief maker, and aimless wanderer who is... silly, single, gemini, purple toenailed, independent, warm, fuzzy, open-minded, kind, curvaceous, smiley, brutally honest, goofy, casual, solitary, sweet, opinionated, terminally hopeful, hopelessly optimistic ... and perpetually under construction

Turtle & little bro, Rob, at Wetwerks gig in Altamont


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