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    I started pestering people for family history when I was about 10, and haven't stopped yet.

I left my project alone for a few years, frustrated by how hard it was and how much money it cost to secure the official records of ones very own family. But, with the Internet, I picked it back up and that all changed. There is an enormous amount of information out there if you know where to look, and a giant worldwide community of people willing to share their own research. Using Family Tree Maker software, to keep track of it all, I've made huge strides in my research in the last few years.

I maintain a family research site in one of the biggest communities of genealogists, hoping that someone else might be looking for the same people.

I've also been building a tribute site to my immediate ancestors, with commentary and stories from my own experiences and those of people I've talked with, and photos. Its under construction but you can see what I have done so far and check back for more.


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