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What is Nooka? It is what my brother used to call Music when he was a toddler. Don't ask me why!  

I've had the fortune to be surrounded by musical talent all my life. As a result, there is hardly a Friday or Saturday night when I can't find someone I know playing out - and when I can't, Albany has a jumping music scene for me to discover new music. I also love to dance.

When I was younger, I used to grumble that I wanted to jam with everyone else and my brother would tell me that some day I could design tape covers for everyone. Well, rather than tape covers, I ended up designing web sites and occasionally CD covers for some of the musicians who bring music into my life. And though I still can't jam, I sing in a choir, in the car, in the shower, when I'm cooking... and of course, when I'm working. I'd be lost without music.

WETWERKS (wetwerks.com)
My brother Rob's band. I may be biased, but I think these guys are incredibly good. Check out the new CD and more samples on their web site.
audio taste:
Downsize (c 2000)
Bluff (c 2000)

Rosanne Raneri (rosanneraneri.com)
Rosanne was one of my best friends in highschool, and grew up to be the reigning diva of folk rock in the Capital District... and soon, the world.
audio taste:
Not Quite Philadelphia (c 2000)
Vanishing Point (c 2000)

Brian "UduBoy" Melick (uduboy.com)
Brian, currently playing regularly with the McKrells, is an old family friend, and one of joyful musicians I know.

While I'm not responsible for their web sites, some of the other musicians I know and support are:

Doña Oxford (donaoxford.com)
Doña and I were friends as children and my mother was her first piano teacher. We were recently reunited when I spotted her name in the Metroland, playing at the Bayou Cafe in downtown Albany. This girl is a FANTASTIC performer - insane piano playing and singing in 4 inch heels, no less. I make a point of going, and taking anyone I can drag with me, when she is in town.
audio taste: New Orleans (c 1999)
Red, White & Blues (c 1999)

Alex Torres y Los Reyes Latinos
These guys have put the dance in my pants, beer in my belly and laughter in my ears, for years and years... world class, authentic Latin music at its absolute best.
audio taste:
Pan Con Queso (c 2000)
Controla Tus Nervios (c 2000)

Bryan Thomas (bryanthomas.com)
Funky folkie and fellow hypertext-fool, stirring up the Albany Underground. Listen to "Six" and see if you can catch his little reference to me.
audio taste:
Six (c 1999)

All tunes require a MP3 player. If the song doesn't play, download and install a player for PC or Mac.


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