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One of my favorite friends, Hildegard von Waldenburg, has written an autobiography of her life as a young girl in WWII Germany, called "Ja ja mein Kind." She is one of my heroes, and I hope you will visit her site and consider reading her amazing book.
Ja ja mein Kind

Another lifelong family friend, Peter Kane Dufault, who has led my father's band for 25+ years, is also a world reknowned poet. You can visit his work here.


I love to write and tell stories, and these are some of the thoughts that actually made it to HTML. The rest are scattered throughout the stratosphere, in the form of mails, Word documents, notebooks and my babble on the breeze. I'm also writing a book of stories from my life "in my free time." In the meantime, here's what I've put online...

The Art of Mistakes (new, sort of)
A little poem I wrote before I decided to live with my mistakes

The Visitation
Adventures in the night

Irving Street
Road Sweet Home

I have to kiss chickens, too???

My last attempt at organized religion

Turning 30
Reflections on life

Questioning Alone
some musings about solitude

Imaginary Friend
The soulmate who didn't believe he had a soul

a poem written for a bipolar friend

Brotherhood (new, sort of)

No Reason
Fighting racism

fine (new, sort of)
freshly broken,
not for the first time, certainly not for the last

Psychological Perspectives on Prejudice
Reads like a college paper because, er, it is.
I know its good because so many people with
.edu domains have "borrowed" it :)

the award winning
Lightbulb (animated version)
(you need the Macromedia Flash plug-in to view)

Lightbulb (text version)
The poem that inspired the Flash version

Rainbow Arm
So I don't forget...

Grumble, grumble

some people glow



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