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The Lightbulb       

There was a caterpillar
who braved cats and birds 
and feet.
The caterpillar was on a quest
but she didn't know why
and she didn't know what. 

For years, the caterpillar stumbled along
in the dark, being hurt and dodging danger
til one day she realized
the ground wasn't hurting her feet. 
She had wings. 
She could fly!
In the dark, she flew, and 
sang with her happy daydreams.

One day, in her path
a light appeared.
She swooped, and soared, and 
sang...how it glowed! Hooray!
It DOES exist, what joy!
What beauty! 

But the beautiful light... 
it was behind glass... she tapped
"Can I stay here beside you?"
"Can I swoop and soar around you?"
But no one answered.  
And to her horror, "CLICK"...
the light was gone.

The caterpillar flew away, sad
in the dark with her heart hurt...
she knew the light was what she had
been looking for.
And it didn't want her.
She flew, and she cried.
for there is a lesson in pain. The story ended here, but don't be sad. For a caterpillar learns from a tale: If lightbulbs won't answer find lightening bugs to play with instead!!

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