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Most of the time, I have written when I was sad, heart broken or depressed. It seemed to purge me of whatever was haunting my mind, and let me go on. It healed me.

Well, that changed. I wrote my first ever, Happy-Poem :) I have to say, I was a little sad when I started writing, because I had just been separated from the most amazing person I had ever met in my life. But as I wrote, I found myself filled with joy, and hope, and this poem was the result. I sent it to him, and he said I was "a very unusual woman with a strange mind," but certainly (he said) thats why he loves me :)

I put it here on this site, because I would hate for anyone to think my life is nothing but sadness and gloom - quite the contrary. The past, my early years, were... but today, I have so much to smile about.

IMAGINARY FRIEND (written 4/98)

Children pretend they have an imaginary friend,
but not all of us grow up.
In my adult mind, I admit
I created and nurtured such a friend.

I've carried this friend with me, every day,
laughing, loving, playing.
Sharing in my life.
Comforting my soul with its imagined presence.

My dreams are rich;
my imagination is powerful.
I met you.
And my dream life paled next to reality.

My imaginary friend in the flesh...
mesmerizing, inspiring, filling each day with wonder.
My imagined friend in front of my eyes,
loving, sharing, talking, laughing.

I must have powerful magic to bring my imaginary friend to life!

Now, back to my daydreams,
and into my imagination, you go.
I feel peace, just knowing you are real, you exist.
I rejoice that you walk on this earth.

Your touch lingers, your words still echo in my ears,
I can see you in my mind.
I carry you with me again, comforting my soul.
And my heart smiles with every thought of you.

I experienced what I could only pretend before -
I learned that daydreams can become reality,
my imaginary friend has a name, and a smile,
and perhaps someday he will walk out of my imagination...




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