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11/20/96 2:03 a.m.
Christmas is coming. I am one of those people who secretly wish it will get lost in a leap year or something. But it won't. I have a very traditional type of a family, and parents who put an amazing amount of effort into holidays (and I love them for it) but it doesn't change the fact that I want to hide. And here it comes, whether I like it or not. Perhaps I'll do my Christmas shopping online this year. No one in my family would be suprised. If any those Wall Street Journal types are listening, yes, there is hope for online commerce. I might not be Ms. Average American by a long shot, but I've done it already, and I liked it. Its easy, its fast, and I'm starting to sound like a commercial. But seriously... I think thats what I'll do. I love to buy gifts for people... thats perhaps my one reason for enjoying Christmas a little bit. But if I have money to spare, I do that all year round anyway, so whats the big deal with Christmas? I dislike the obligation that it implies... "What?! You aren't buying your [insert relative] a gift?!" Horrors!! I'm sorry.... I just dislike the whole "have to" thing. Can't help myself... tell me I 'have to' and I dig my heels into the ground and pout. It's NOT the way to motivate me. I am thinking of an idea, and I'm too tired to do anything about it... I hate when that happens. I was just realizing how my favorite character, The Grinch, and my alter-ego, the turtle, resemble each other. Now I have one of those nuggets of an idea sprouting in there, and I'm so tired I can't see straight. Maybe I'll do something about it some day. The Grinch... I can't even cope with Christmas without him. If I don't see it, it doesn't happen for me. Every year, like a religion, I check the TV Guide til I find it. I know, I know, I could rent the video now, but I won't! Ever!! The tradition dictates that I find that 30 minute time slot, and I be there, no matter what else is happening in the world. I left college during my night classes for the sole purpose of watching the Grinch. For those 30 minutes I plop myself in front of the TV, usually on the floor, and I am lost. I don't think any other piece of film footage does to me what the Grinch does. And when his heart grows three times that day, I burst forth unto the malls and buy my gifts for everyone. Last year I went to the mall, and heard the beautiful sound of Who's in Whoville singing, and was mesmerized to find myself in front of 50 TV's ALL with the Grinch!! I watched it and I hummed along, and beamed from ear to ear like Max, and when it was over (and the sales people were staring at me) I went home. I forgot why I went to the mall in the first place. Okay, so there is something to be said for the whole Christmas spirit. And my parents really need Christmas. Mom: Are you going to put up a tree this year? Me. No. Mom: Why?!?! Me. Did I last year? Nooooo, I did not. Did we have this conversation then? Did you lose? : ) Mom: Awwwwww...its so sad! Me. BAH! Maybe I'll make a christmas tree bitmap for my computer...I'll actually see it quite frequently, and then I can tell her I have a tree and she will leave me be.

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